What is a
4 or 8-week class?

Earn full college credits in half the time (or less). Complete an entire semester of work in record time. These condensed formats are offered in an online and face-to-face format. Sign up for a 4 or 8-week course this spring and get ahead!

For more information about online classes contact Kassidy Beall by email kwinstead@holmescc.edu.

For info about face-to-face classes contact Kristin Daniels at kdaniels@holmescc.edu or 601-605-3371.



4 Week Online Classes

[April 12th – May 7th]

ART 1113 4th 4wk Art Appreciation
HIS 2223 4th 4wk American History I
CSC 1123 4th 4wk Computer Apps I

PSY 1513 4th 4wk General Psychology
PSY 2533 4th 4wk Human Growth & Development
SOC 2143 4th 4wk Marriage and Family
MUS 1113 4th 4wk Music Appreciation

8 Week ONLINE Classes
[March 15th – May 7th]

ART 1113 2nd 8wk Art Appreciation
BAD 1113 2nd 8wk Intro to Business
BAD 2413 2nd 8wk The Legal Env of Bus
BAD 2813 2nd 8wk Business Communications
BIO 1114 2nd 8wk Principles of Biology I
BIO 1124 2nd 8wk Principles of Bio II
BIO 1134 2nd 8wk General Biology I
BIO 1144 2nd 8wk General Biology II
BIO 1613 2nd 8wk Nutrition
BIO 2514 2nd 8wk Anatomy & Phys I
BIO 2524 2nd 8wk Anatomy & Phys II
BIO 2524 2nd 8wk Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2924 2nd 8wk Microbiology
BOA 1413 2nd 8wk Keyboarding
BOT 1013 2nd 8wk Intro to Keyboarding
BOT 1453 2nd 8wk Intro/Business Mangt
BOT 2433 2nd 8wk QuickBooks
BOT 2663 2nd 8wk Adv Medical Coding
CHE 1211 2nd 8wk Gen Chem Lab I
CHE 1213 2nd 8wk Gen Chem I
CRJ 2323 2nd 8wk Criminal Law
CSC 1123 2nd 8wk Computer Apps I
ENG 114 2nd 8wk Beg English & Reading
ENG 124 2nd 8wk Int English & Reading
ENG 1113 2nd 8wk English Composition I
ENG 1123 2nd 8wk English Comp II
ENG 2133 2nd 8wk Creative Writing I
ENG 2223 2nd 8wk American Literature I
ENG 2423 2nd 8wk World Literature I
EPY 2513 2nd 8wk Child Psychology
EPY 2533 2nd 8wk Human Growth & Devt

GEO 1113 2nd 8wk World Geography
HIS 1113 2nd 8wk Western Civilization I
HIS 1123 2nd 8wk Western Civilization II
HIS 2213 2nd 8wk American History I
HIS 2223 2nd 8wk American History II
HPR 1213 2nd 8wk Personal & Comm Health
HPR 1613 2nd 8wk P E in Elem School
HPR 2453 2nd 8wk Baseball Theory
HPR 2493 2nd 8wk Softball Theory
HPR 2723 2nd 8wk Prevent & Care/Ath Inj
IST 1134 2nd 8wk Fund of Data Comm
JOU 1313 2nd 8wk News Writing and Rep I
LLS 1313 2nd 8wk Orientation
LLS 1413 2nd 8wk Enhancement of Study
MAT 124 2nd 8wk Beginning Algebra
MAT 1233 2nd 8wk Intermediate Algebra
MAT 1313 2nd 8wk College Algebra
MAT 1313 2nd 8wk College Algebra
MAT 1733 2nd 8wk Geometry Meas & Prob
MFL 1223 2nd 8wk Spanish II
MFL 2513 2nd 8wk Occupational Spanish
MUS 1113 2nd 8wk Music Appreciation
PHI 1153 2nd 8wk Jesus & the Gospels
PHI 2613 2nd 8wk Intro World Religions
PSY 1513 2nd 8wk General Psychology
PSY 2523 2nd 8wk Adolescent Psychology
PSY 2533 2nd 8wk Human Growth & Devt
PSY 2543 2nd 8wk App Behavior Analysis
SOC 2113 2nd 8wk Intro to Sociology
SOC 2133 2nd 8wk Social Problems
SOC 2143 2nd 8wk Marriage and Family
SPT 1113 2nd 8wk Public Speaking I

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