Alternate Streaming Site

Having trouble streaming here? You can also stream from From there you can also cast to a Roku or Amazon FireTV.

Download the Ceremony

If you would like a digital copy of today’s ceremony, we have enabled downloading from our Vimeo account. You are encouraged to click the button below to access the download page.

Graduation Timecodes

Quickly find your name alphabetically by last name using the timecodes below:

Marching Graduates:
A-F:   11:32 – 23:58
G-L:   24:03 – 34:56
M-S:  35:01 – 49:13
T-Z:   49:16 – 56:30

Non-Marching Graduates:
56:33 – 1:00:02

STAY TUNED until the end for a message from someone you may recognize!